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The Community Council is a mixed group of residents who care about our area
and community and have been nominated and seconded by other residents in
the area. They have taken part in the Quadrennial election process held every
four years. The councillors are required to attend monthly meetings to discuss
and decide on all matters brought before the council.

Additional members of the community may be co-opted by the council during
the four year period.

The council is obliged to nominate members to hold office to enable the
smooth running of the council i.e. Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. In
addition council members may be asked to participate with other outside
groups which may influence our area.

If you feel you can contribute to your Community Council in some way by
participating as a member please contact us using the Contact tab



Chryston, Muirhead, Mount Ellen, Crowwood and Mollinsburn

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