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The Streets


Helping The Community be better informed

Much of what transpires in areas that affect our lives goes on in a manner which is often not well publicised and consequently does not receive a great deal of attention or scrutiny by the general public. The Community Council tries to keep abreast of what is planned for our areas in matters such as Health, policing, licensing, education and long term planning. Much of the information is gained through membership of other bodies such as the Northern corridor forum, the local environmental group and communication with national and local authority departments.  Where necessary this information is discussed at council meetings and published through the minutes of meetings made available to the public. Other outlets for information to the community is through the use of Notice boards, which we manage.

Community Service


Ensure the safety and upkeep of the area

Council members have the opportunity to report to the council all matters which arise through their own observations membership of other bodies, personal experiences or problems which have been identified to them by members of the public. These matters would be discussed and appropriate action taken.

Nurse Talking to Patient


Question, support and object to local authority decisions

Where problems arise, with matters such as planning street lighting roads, health or education etc the council will, having discussed the matter, decide the appropriate action and identify member of the council to take it forward. This can involve speaking at planning meetings, writing to appropriate authorities or speaking to those involved.